Monday, September 8

2nd, 1st, & pre-k

we made it back from florida just in time for the kids to start a new school year on august 18th.


jack is in 2nd grade now and his teacher is super sweet. and bonus, mrs. been LOVES that jack plays the banjo! she is a huge bluegrass fan. his teachers always love him because he's a great helper and very intelligent. after the first week mrs. been told me "you are so lucky to have a son like jack, he is the best!". she's totally right and it always does my mommy heart good to hear that others feel the same.

ellie started 1st grade in mrs. humphrey's class. even though she doesn't love school because "its every single day", she knows she got lucky with mrs. humphrey. ellie is doing really well academically and has the most stellar handwriting we've ever seen a 6 year old have. here are a few of our favorite comments that her teacher has written on her spelling tests and homework assignments the past couple weeks:
"Aren't you something!"
"Excellence is never an accident!"
and "you are super girl!"

 and this kid...
how is he old enough for preschool?!

charlie started going to a 3 year old class on tuesdays and thursday mornings with his buddy brynn. we never sent our others to preschool this early, but charlie cried almost everyday last year when i'd drop of J & E and ask if he could go to school too. that, along with the fact that preschool is very reasonable here, and of course with the baby coming in a couple months, we decided to give this guy a little taste of big kid freedom.
he is in love.
you know charlie is in absolute heaven when he is willing to wear a shirt AND pants AND TENNIS SHOES. his normal everyday attire consists of undies and flip flops, which is adorable on his tall but still little man body.
every morning he asks if i am dropping him off at school and the mornings when i say no, he lets out a very frustrated sigh.

he was so excited his first day. when i asked him if i could hold his hand walking up to the door he said "no thanks, mommy". i was asking more for my sake than his.

love seeing this sight twice a week :)
(even if it's only for a couple hours)


Larissa said...

Glad all your little ones are loving school so much! Their teachers sound top-notch. I bet their teachers love having those sweet little helpers in their class!

Melissa said...

I just love your kids! I can't believe how much they have grown.