Monday, September 22

growing, growing, growing

 time is sailing by so quickly around here. as a result, the kids are doing a lot of growing and i feel as though its happened over night.

all three kids started soccer a couple weeks ago, even our little man.

it took him a while to realize that he gets to actually play instead of just watch, like he has for ever, so he ended up just standing there for a few minutes. after some coaxing by his coach and chris, he took off running and then never stopped (even when the ball did!).

with all his growing, charlie may not be getting much wiser...
his sweet sister convinced him to let her put a tattoo on his forehead.

ellie is getting older. you can see it when she smiles. 
she's lost a few more teeth, including one of her front ones that was loose for over two months. 

daddy finally gave it a little flick, during sacrament meeting of all times, and it came right out.... along with quite a squirt of blood! i heard them giggling uncontrollably, looked over and saw ellie covering her mouth with her hand and chris proudly holding up her tooth for me to see. they ran to the kitchen to clean up since she looked like he had punched her in the mouth with all the blood. luckily all the blood on her dress came out just fine, but she was a little embarrassed walking around at church with a blood stain the size of a tennis ball on her front.

two days later another tooth came out! this time with no blood or mess. it just popped out while she was brushing her teeth.
eating apples has become a bit of a challenge :)

jack is maturing before our eyes.
he is a brand new cub scout and absolutely loves putting on his uniform each wednesday evening. he was able to help with the flag ceremony during his first pack meeting two weeks ago. he had been hoping to be picked for the job. sure made this momma proud. he stayed up till 11 the night before to read the entire wolf handbook and has a bunch of things he can't wait to do.

i was the wolf den leader until the week before jack began scouts. when i told jack that i wouldn't be in there with him he cried a little, but quickly got over it. we had both been looking forward to the opportunity. it's hard to believe he will be turning 8 years old next month. 

look at that handsome dude!

and lastly, this babe.
this babe is growing, growing, growing.
and so am i.

we had an ultrasound last thursday and the baby had both hands in front of its face the whole time. after a ton of poking, prodding, shaking, and bouncing by the tech, which made me feel a little queasy, this was the most we saw of the tiny ones face. a precious little nose, tiny little lips, and part of it's cheek. already has some chub :) 
just under 9 weeks to go!


Julia Haring said...

What a great family! We were just called as den leaders - and I have NO idea what I'm doing, but I'm sure it will be fun! I'd love any tips you have! =)

Melissa said...

Holy cow! Charlie looks just like Jack in that first picture! I can't believe you only have a little bit left! I can't wait to see pictures of new Baby Brower when he or she comes.

Rikki Browne said...

Geez! That first pic of Charlie looks just the "Jackster" pic you have on the right side of the blog! I'm excited to see if he enjoys playing as much as Jack. Not gonna lie, I got a little tear in my eye when I saw that pic of Jack saluting the flag. Such a big guy and so much to be proud of!

Larissa said...

Bo and I both think Ellie looks so grown up. And that bloody picture cracked us all up! Sophie talks about flying in an airplane to Ellie's house every time she sees an airplane, and you know how often that is since you know where we live... all the time :)

Rachael Garner said...

Your kids look SO big! It doesn't seem like it has been that long since we have seen you. I loved getting caught up with your family! Can't wait til we can see you!!!