Wednesday, September 9

Port Saint Joe

we started our drive on june 26th. the kids did fantastic on the drive. we let the big kids take turns sitting up in the front which they thought was a-w-e-some! and that way i could entertain owen in the back.

during one of our stops jack had his first taste of oysters with chris and thought they were a little chewy, but still pretty tasty. chris really enjoys them. ellie and i shared some grits and hush puppies. if we aren't careful, ellie is going to turn into a true southern belle soon!

on the 27th, we stopped for a day at Port Saint Joe. chris spent a few weeks in this little coastal town during a clinical rotation way back when and has been wanting to take us for a visit ever since. it was a beautiful little place. 

one thing that fort smith doesn't seem to understand is what makes a great pizza, so thats what we wanted to make sure we got plenty of on this trip. chris took us to Joe Mama's. it was delectable and their parmesan bruschetta was to die for!

we had some cheesecake and a chocolate pot de creme for dessert. charlie liked the whipped cream on top the best and then decided to give mama some kisses. love our big little man.

and of course we went to the beach at the first opportunity we could.

the waves were a plenty and the three older kids jumped and frolicked until the sun went down. mister o loved the salty water too and sucked on some salty shells.

this is chris and his sidekick, mini chris.

no trip to the beach with a babe is complete without sandy cheeks... 
both sets of cheeks ;)

we really enjoyed our day at port saint joe and chris and i dreamed up a plan to open up a little boutique hotel there some day. not that either of us has the drive or the know how to do that, but its fun to talk about nonetheless.

the next morning we went to the little branch outside of town for church and then headed down to orlando to begin celebrating mom's 60th and chris' 35th birthdays! 


Steve and Donna said...

miss your sweet family :(

Larissa said...

I can't decide which looks better: the pizza or those sandy cheeks! I love them both so much! I am always so impressed by how well your kids do on long car rides, pretty impressive!

Rikki Browne said...

That pizza looks so good!!