Tuesday, September 8

HP 2015

holy moly, we have so much to catch up on its crazy! i keep putting this off because 
1) I've been so busy 
2) its a bit overwhelming with all that i need to post 
3) honestly, i have lost my blogging mojo.
hopefully documenting our trip this summer will help me get back in the swing of things. 

at the end of june we drove down to florida and spent two weeks soaking up the water and as much family time as we could. on our way there, grandma and rikki met us in orlando to visit harry potter world at universal studios and islands of adventure! we took two days to visit both hogsmeade and diagon alley and it was incredible! visiting the parks with the kids, especially jack who is reading the HP series, was absolutely magical!!! they each saved their allowance for about 6 months so they could purchase wands at Ollivanders and treats from Honeydukes. here are pictures from our two days at universal and islands of adventure.

we rode all the rides, big and small, and were exhausted at the end of each day. on the drive back to our townhouse, we stopped at publix and got subs to eat before plopping the kids in the tub and hitting the hay. it was like a dream!


Rikki Browne said...

Yay! Thanks for taking the time to post this, Lis. I'm sure it was a huge undertaking! I loved every minute of that trip and am so lucky I got to be a part of it :)

Kersey Campbell said...

I'm all teary eyed!! Love/miss you guys!