Thursday, June 25

smokin' hot

not sure how we got so lucky to have chris.
so glad there is a day to honor him and the father that he is. he's pretty tough on himself and always thinks he needs to be better (which is something i love about him), but he's most definitely the perfect papa and husband for us. 

we made these silly glasses and hid a couple presents around the living room for him to find.

the kids wrote some special cards and one of my favorite lines was from ellie. she said "my daddy treats me like a flower." it melted me.

jack was so excited to tell papa about the texas bbq magazine subscription that he got him... you can see the excitement in his face in this picture.

we also got him a kitchen blowtorch... you can see the excitement in his face in this picture.

chris has been wanting a legit smoker for quite some time now. so we bought one and hid it under the couch for him to find too.

just kidding.
he decided enough was enough and ordered a yoder smoker for a combined father's day/birthday/christmas gift...... for the next 5 years :)

he's already made his best batch of ribs yet! we're pretty excited for the wonderful meals and this bad boy will produce in the future. I can already see the bbq shindigs with friends.

because chris' birthday and father's day are so close together, and because we'll be in florida on his birthday next week (eeeek!), and because his favorite treat in the whole world is cheesecake, the kids decided i should make him a key lime cheesecake to celebrate. so despite the fact that chris is our family's cheesecake baker, i decided to give it a whirl. and it didn't crack! hooray!

happy father's day and early birthday to this smoking' guy. 
we are so excited to keep the party going and celebrate your birthday next week in florida!


Larissa said...

oh man, that smoker looks like a dream! I bet the ribs were to die for, we have to come again stat!
Can't wait to see you guys next week and party!!!

Steve and Donna said...

always fun at your house. Chris looks like he has lost weight? He probably runs and does healthy stuff (lol)

Carolina said...

I LOVED that video! Owen puckering up eat that ice cream was the best. You have inspired me to read the series all over again, that song gets me every time! Thanks for sharing your trip to HP world. Someday, I'll make it there.