Wednesday, June 24


while the kids were at school on their last day, i got a text from katie that said "don't think about it, just say yes- come to dallas with us after the kids get out of school tonight for a rangers game. just do it!" well, it doesn't take much convincing for us to go on an adventure :) so to dallas we went! 

we love these guys.

the drive wasn't bad. only about 4.5 hours. we got there friday night and then on saturday we swam at the hotel, took a tour of the stadium, and ate some pretty doggone good bbq before the game.

watching these guys try to decide which seats to buy was hilarious.

these kids get along so great (most of the time). they have a cousin-type relationship. its truly wonderful!

owen was able to take a nap during the game. and while he was awake, he loved all the noise and people to watch.

we ate so much junk throughout the day that chris woke up at 1 am and threw it all up. he never felt sick though, so he got up, puked, and went right back to sleep!

ben and katie were nice enough to watch our kids early saturday morning so chris and i could go to the temple. we did sealings. it was so much fun being there with chris. sadly, its been awhile since we've been able to go together other than for youth baptism trips, which is a great experience too, but its been quite a long time since we've done sealings. 

love this man of mine.

we packed some stuff to make lunch on our drive home sunday so we didn't have to stop at a restaurant. we figured this gas station was a good place to picnic on the sabbath since it's sign talked about Christ :) 
Jesus + nutella sandwiches + gas stations = perfection

there had been so much rain in AR, TX, and OK during the week and weekend that part of our route home was flooded. it added about an 1.5 hour detour onto our trip, which is about 1.5 hours too many when you've got a 7 month old with you. 

all in all it was a great little getaway! we really liked dallas and can't wait to explore more of texas sometime.

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carrie said...

Gah!!! So jealous!!! Looks like a blast!