Saturday, June 20

fun, fun and more fun!

we have done quite a few exciting things the past couple months and I've done a terrible job documenting them, so here goes!

last month Chris and I attended a Wounded Warrior Project Gala with several of chris' coworkers. we had such a great time eating and dancing and dressing up. the last time we dressed up was about 10 ½ years ago... for our wedding. 

Yellow Morning Photography: Wounded Warrior Gala 2015 &emdash;

i definitely wish we had more excuses to get all gussied up! chris was smoking' hot in that tux. I've got butterflies just looking at these pictures again!

another great evening we had (just the two of us) was an early celebration for my birthday, which isn't until august

we dropped the kids off with the smith's for an overnighter and headed up to Rogers to see not just one of my favorite bands, but two...
Dashboard Confessional and THIRD EYE BLIND

i love dashboard, i can't lie. and yes, chris carrabba is just as cute as he was when i was in high school, but nothing could beat third eye blind! my sisters and i have been listening to them since i was in fourth grade. crazy! chris told me to get whatever seats i wanted, so of course we went with the standing section so i could rock on baby, rock on. 
and i did. 
and there were only two people in front of us.
and the bands were awesome. 

chris was such a good sport to put up with my music, the crazy loud ringing in our ears (we're getting old!) not to mention the crowd, but especially the lateness of the night... he had to be at work at 6 the next morning. hopefully it was worth it to him, it certainly was for me!

something else that has been so great for our little crew has been the new waterpark, Parrot Island, that opened up down the street from us. gma and gpa brower gave us season passes for christmas and we have definitely been putting them to good use, especially now that the water has finally warmed up.

 chris has been working a ton, but if its slow on the weekends he can sometimes sneak in a quick visit. we took him dinner one night and he surprised the kids by taking each one individually into the doctors lounge and let them pick out an ice cream bar. holy moly, that was heaven for these guys! Owen really, i mean REALLY loved his first taste of an ice cream sandwich 

something else that has become a fun weeknight activity for us this summer, has been roasting marshmallows. we usually make smores and sometimes we even make scary faces in front of the fire. and sometimes, if i'm lucky, chris will give me a kiss and one of the kids might catch it :)

the kids partcipated in tennis camp again this summer and had so much fun. Ellie even won the camper of the day award!

we had a good size group from the ward that participated this year, including the peczuhs and smiths.

we've also taken a trip to dallas and celebrated chris for father's day and his birthday, but those will have to wait cause this ended up being way longer than anticipated!


Rikki Browne said...

They're never long enough... In my opinion.

carrie said...

All of that looked like so much fun!!!