Saturday, May 28

Crater of Diamonds

in April we visited  Crater of Diamonds State Park with our good friends the Tenney's. we camped on friday night and then headed to the diamond mine on saturday morning to dig dig dig!

it was a little damp and overcast, but we never really got rained on and it wasn't too chilly, thank goodness.

the weather actually made digging quite pleasant because it can get pretty dang hot if the sun is out.

  owen had the morning of his life running, screaming, and splashing!

chris and jack used the "wet technique" to search, while the other kids used the "dry technique"

the only diamond we found was this view of charlie digging :) otherwise, all we found was quartz. jack had been studying geology in science during this trip, so he was excited about every little find.

they have rangers on hand that will tell you what minerals and stones you have found and you can keep anything you find. they were very patient with the 7 kids asking about every little thing and even gave them boxes (rather than the small paper bags they usually hand out) to carry all their treasures.

digging was fantastic and we can't wait to go again. the facilities were very nice. 

during the campout we celebrated brooklyn and abbie's birthdays (they share the same date!). it was a flamingo themed party, complete with homemade flamingo croquet!

we had a great time with friends, found quartz crystals, only had one tick to remove, and are ready for another camping/digging trip!

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Rikki Browne said...

So fun! It sounds like your kids really appreciate the fun adventures they get to go on. Dad tried so hard with us...I wish we had when we were kids!