Thursday, June 2

Harry Potter PARTY!

last friday we kicked off summer vacation with an epic

jack and his good buddy Emeline are both huge fans (which makes both mamas so proud!). they have been planning and plotting a "Very Potter Party" for several months and finally jack went up to Anna Leah at church and said "can we have the harry potter party at your house?".... i guess that means he didn't think i was ever actually going to do it hahaha!
anyways, being the great sport she is, anna leah said "Let's do it!". and we did!

we watched the second movie, feasted on food fit for wizards in the great hall, and just tried to party like we weren't actually muggles!

owen really loved our hedwig balloon! emeline is quite an artist so she and jack worked on a lot of the decorations themselves, like our owl balloons and our platform 9 ¾ that the guests had to run through to get into the party.

there were 15 kids there! everyone dressed up as a favorite character.

 we had a bellatrix (emeline), 

voldemort (jack), 
who was totally embarrassed by his face paint, but went with it anyways,

the cutest hermione you ever did see (eleanor),

two harry's (thomas and charlie)

and ginny (ellie girl)

we even had a luna and three cousins came as fluffy, the three-headed dog! it was so much fun!

i drew the dark mark on voldemort, i mean jack, before the party and all the kids wanted one at the party. so somehow we had a couple harry's, a ginny, and a hermione all with the dark mark running around :) i'm sure some of the parents were wondering what kind of party they had sent their kids to once they saw their marks!

no HP party would be complete without butter beer! anna leah got the recipe just right!

there were potions of felix felicis, veritiserum, and others, along with ingredients like blood from a troll and phoenix tears.

 light against dark, dueling it out!

anna leah definitely had the harder jobs because hosting 15 kids isn't a piece of cake and adapting the foods like polyjuice potion, cockroach clusters, and acid pops to multiple kids with food allergies is no walk in the park. but she did it all superbly!
i really loved working on the decorations and the goodie bags. thats totally my jam and i had a blast!

 the kids have asked if we can have several more HP parties this summer and we said we could, as long as its just our two families and we just have butter beer and popcorn... and they are totally happy with that!

ellie wanted her hair to be red, just like ginny's. we tried a semi-permanent dye that washes out in two washes, but it ended up a little pink. she really loved it and asked if she could dye it like that forever. oh man, i think i started something dangerous!

thank you to the entire Peczuh family for making all our Harry Potter fantasies come true!


Carolina said...

Lisa + party planning + Harry Potter= ultimate perfection!!!

I just started reading Harry Potter to Sophie. It is the best experience ever.

PS- just keep blogging... Just keep blogging... Just keep blogging, blogging, blogging...

Larissa said...

That little Nora is still just the cutest thing in the world! That party is AMAZING!!! You and Anna Leah and those kids really made it incredible, way to be awesome and entertain us with those great pictures :)

carrie said...

So much fun!!!

Rikki Browne said...

YAAAAAY! Love it! Thanks for taking so many pictures. They make their aunt Rik so proud ��