Friday, May 19

Sprint for Compassion

chris and the kids participated in a local race called Sprint For Compassion on April 22. 
chris did the 10k and the kids did the mile run. it was the kids first time in an official timed race and they had a great time. it was very small with only a few runners. i think the mile run only had around 12-15 people, mostly kids. 

stretching before the race!

the kids race started at a different spot than chris', so i didn't get any shots of him at the start line. the kids had to run around a school track 6 times and then around the school once and in to the finish line.

owen was my little buddy at the finish line, waiting to cheer for our runners!

it was no surprise to me when jack was the first runner around the corner and into the finish.

and ellie was right behind him, taking first place for the females! 
i loved this sequence of pictures because owen was just so happy to see the kids and ran right up to give ellie hugs.

and charlie came in 9th!

they had so much fun watching the time screen as the racers came in.

and chris took 1st place for the 10k!!! there were only 10 running the 10k, but he definitely blew the others away, coming in at 44:57 minutes! the second place runner was almost 4 minutes behind.

it was fun to hear the announcer as chris crossed the finish line say, "the brower family makes a clean sweep and wins all across the board today!". 
go team brower!

there was a 4H group set up at the finish line with several baby animals. only in arkansas! 
but we sure loved the baby bunnies and piglet and owen really loved the baby kittens.

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