Friday, July 7

he said, she said (part 6)

this summer has been a wild one and somehow a lazy one at the same time. there is so much to catch up on, but i don't have the time nor do i feel like doing it at the moment. 

i used to be really good at blogging and maybe even was pretty good at being a creative mom. now i feel like i am barely keeping my head above water so the creative times are in the past. i used to interview the kids each july and ask them the same questions so we could compare them over the years. i thought it had been a little while, but didn't realize that the last time i did this was in 2014... crazy how fast time flies when you have four kids. anyways, the kids remember doing this and asked that we do it again this morning. after asking owen the first question, i realized it just wasn't working and i just filled in the rest for him based on his current likes/dislikes. anyways, here it goes:

What’s your favorite and least favorite foods?
Jack (10.5 years): my favorite food is seafood, like always. And least favorite, that’s a hard one. Broccoli cheddar soup.

Ellie (9.5 years): homemade milkshakes with oreos and vanilla ice cream. My least favorite would be sushi!

Charlie (6.5 years): strawberries and least favorite is green beans. I hate every type of beans.

Owen (2.5 years): umm, hot dog and go gurt and strawberries. Don’t like oranges.

What’s your favorite and least favorite things to do?
Jack: doing stuff with dad. I hate doing the dishes.

Ellie: my favorite thing is to go on vacation and my least favorite thing is doing things that I don’t want to do.

Charlie: watch tv and least favorite is eating yucky food at dinner.

Owen: likes to kick the soccer ball, throw the football, hit the baseball… you get the idea.

What are your talents?
Jack: im a good fisherman and being funny.

Ellie: my talents are coloring and painting, actually probably all art.

Charlie: spinning

Owen: a natural athlete

What's something you're not good at, but want to improve?
Jack: being a better brother

Ellie: tennis and basketball

Charlie: soccer


What's your favorite thing about your family?
Jack: they sacrifice things for me.

Ellie: they comfort me when I need it.

Charlie: we have a cute baby

Owen: gets to stay up late with mom and dad

What are you looking forward to the most this summer?
Jack: probably seeing grandma.

Ellie: I was looking forward to going to Branson to see the family

Charlie: going on all the rides at silver dollar city

Owen: probably going to the water park almost every day

Do you have a least favorite thing about your family?
Jack: I don’t know… um… Charlie annoys me cause he always thinks he’s right

Ellie: sometimes we don’t get along.

Charlie: that I have to share my bedroom and jack makes disgusting sounds at bedtime.

Owen: he hates when its someone else’s turn to say prayers

What are you looking forward to when you're an adult?
Jack: being an anesthesiologist and im excited to be married and have kids.

Ellie: im looking forward to having a family and being a mom.

Charlie: that I get to have a job

Owen: he already thinks he is one

If you could tell your future self a piece of advice, what would it be?
Jack: ummm… try harder.

Ellie: try harder (me: that’s what jack said!) ok, then it would be keep calm when you’re having trouble.

Charlie: I would tell me I Love You!

Owen: based on his current life motto, owen would probably say “don’t take no for an answer. Ever.”


Carolina said...

I love these! I stole this idea from you but also haven't done one for many many years. Your kids always have the cutest answers. And silver dollar city is one of my faves!!! I loved going there as a kid.

Rikki Browne said...

So excited to see a new post. Thanks for taking the time, Lis!

Rachael Garner said...

I also stole this idea from you! I love reading your kids responses every year. So fun! They sure are growing up.