Sunday, December 21

a christmas tea party

on thursday afternoon i had all the browne girls over for a tea party! it was splendid! ok, so it wasn't actually tea but hot cocoa...we browne gals love us our chocolate! we had such a good time. i made two types of hot chocolate, which is saying something since none of us had ever made it from scratch. we had a very chocolate cocoa and a white chocolate cocoa. they were both scrumptuous! pretty sweet so we also had water. delayna made each of us our own chocolate lava cakes that were divine! and of course we had all the trimmings like fresh whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate dipped peppermint sticks, and french vanilla creamer. to sort of balance the sweet we also had cheese and crackers. it was so much fun to be together with just us girls (jack was napping, score!). we talked and laughed and listened to christmas music!

there are more pictures with us in them, but unfortunately they were taken on rikki's camera and she doesn't have a way to download them on the computer here in florida, so they will have to wait. i love doing little things like making place cards and invitations and this was just a blast for me...a nice change in my normal everyday thing. this was sooo much fun, i really highly recommend doing something like this with those you are with this christmas season...or anytime... cocoa is always a good thing :)

is this not the CUTEST tea pot you have ever seen! my mom gave it to me last year when i was having a tea party with my achievement day girls for our manners night! love it!


Amy said...

You kill me with how cute and crafty you are. If you like your hot chocolate I have a recipe I should send you. This hot chocolate is like that stuff that Santa himself would drink. It's great.

lisa said...

ooooo! i'm ready for the recipe! i should have just asked you to begin with!

Kersey and Preston said...

aww man! wish I coulda been there! It looks B-E-A-Utiful! White chocolate hot coco sounds pretty dang good right now. Maybe we will be able to have our own tea party out here with my wicked awesome kettle! See ya soon lease!!