Sunday, December 14

oh happy day!

they're here! hip hip hooray! rikki and alli flew in from salt lake tonight! and bo, larissa, and everett flew in from boise tonight as well! we are soooo happy to all be together for christmas! even though we were all together last year, we realize with everyones lives changing that it is very special each time we are all able to be together.
i had asked rikki a couple months ago to make me a tree skirt and we planned it and i was really excited about it. well as the holidays drew near, i realized she had so many projects going on that i didnt bring up the tree skirt for fear of overloading her with stuff. i had prepared myself with the idea that she had forgotten and that i would just have to ask for it next year. well, that sly dog did remember and she brought me the most amazing, incredible, stupendous, stunning, magnificent tree skirt i have ever seen! i am in absolute LOVE with this thing! i wore it over my shoulders for part of the evening! check it out, you'll love it too!
"oh oh it's magic, you knooow"

thank you rik so very very much. it's perfect!

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