Thursday, December 11

spreading holiday lovehandles...i mean cheer!

so far this holiday season i have already noticed my jeans fitting a little more snug and my tops a little more tight. thats never a good sign. especially when christmas is still a couple weeks away! ouch! (not to mention that i haven't worked off all the baby weight yet.... so...moving on...). i decided to spread the love. my favorite part of holiday treats is making them and since chris worked on monday we decided to have FHE this afternoon. this consisted of me making two types of cookies (my mom's fabulous choco chippers and carrie's double chocolate chip) and delivering them to a few of the single sisters in the ward. it worked out rather nicely because no one ended up being home, so we just left them as a nice surprise on their doorstep. you might be thinking, "hey, usually it's not a good thing if people aren't home when you are delivering cookies". i liked this because i'm not so much into the whole visiting aspect of the cookie delivery thing. i'd rather just make them and have someone else take them. so it ended up being a nice holiday activity!

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