Monday, January 26


rubble. flesh. total savagery. sounds like a scene from jerrasic park right? wrong. just everett's first birthday party!!!! the rubble was really just wrapping paper and tissue. the flesh, deli meat cut in the shape of dinos. total guessed it, everett eating his cake! he has a dino appetite! we had so much fun celebrating with the handsome little man!

larissa did an awesome job with the cake cause it tasted even better than it looked

story time. larissa said that any one who had party hats and felt like wearing them should bring them to the party, just as a joke. well grandma and grandpa had party hats all right! unfortunately, this was the best picture that i had with the two of them in their hats.

everett had no questions on what to do with a piece of cake sitting in front of him. in fact, i dont think it even made it to his tray before he got a hold of it.

they decided to start a tradition. every year everett will take a picture wearing a shirt of bo's. we know this wont be a problem since bo has had the same clothes since 9th grade and has no plans to go shopping.

this picture was taken at our brownie sundae get-together. there were about 14 adults and 7 little ones. it ended up being a perfect night to open up all the doors and enjoy being outside. i wish we had a nicer backyard, as does chris. hmmmm maybe this summer we could have a big project ..... :)

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Larissa said...

Thanks for the awesome post! Man you have a cute nephew :)
You guys made our party complete. Thanks for the awesome brownie sundays on Sunday, they were decadent!