Saturday, January 3

etsy envy

so i have recently had my eyes opened to the pure amazement of the world of . it is truly incredible. at first, when i looked through the endless amounts of handmade handicrafts i was feeling a little bit depressed by all of the amazing talents that people have and are actually putting to use. i picked out a bunch of things that i thought " i wish i could make that...and that...ooh and that". well, last night while feeding the baby a bottle before bed i had an epiphany. i thought "why cant i make those things. i need to stop wishing and start making". the reason why all those awesome things are on the web is because those people practiced making something and developed their talent well enough so they can actually try selling it. so i have decided to begin practicing making half-length aprons. i am truly terrible at the sewing machine, but it's something that i enjoy. i dont intend on doing anything with them except maybe giving them as gifts, but it will be a good way for me to practice. while trying to fall asleep last night, my mind was zooming at a thousand miles per hour. so many ideas flashed across my brain. it will be interesting (and probably hilarious) to see if my hands will be able to accomplish what my mind is thinking. keep your fingers crossed.

this is just a sampling of the things i like on etsy. i realize the whole point to this website is to support artists and their creations, but i dont think there is anything wrong in being inspired by them to create my own "works of art".... at least i hope not :)

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Kersey and Preston said...

ahh! So you have discovered the amazing world of etsy? I should have introduced you to it sooner! Preston got me a locket I have wanted off of there for a LONG time for Christmas. You'll see it in just a few days!!