Friday, January 23

i love busy weekends!

i'm sure that if we were usually busy through out the weekend, we wouldn't be too excited about having things to do. but usually our weekends consist of the same things over and over again, week after week....which is just a continuation of the rest of the week when i think about it. but this weekend we have two really fun things that we are looking forward to. first and, yeah, the more exciting of the two, is EVERETT"S BIRTHDAY!!!! i can't believe he is 1. that means ellie is almost 1. YIKES!!!! even though it has been a very difficult and challenging year for me, i feel as though we have been so blessed to have little ellie with us. when she is happy, she is VERY happy. and all of her colic and screams the first 4 months have almost been cleared from my memory. ok, i take that last sentence back. but she is so sweet when she wants to be. i made a very cute toy for the little everett man for tomorrow's party. its a snake made out of some scrap materials i had from various projects. the majority of it is made of a turquoise satin that i used to make a skirt for ellie out of. it's soooo silky soft. the tail is filled with a few jingle bells and covered with stuffing so it's not too loud...i kept larissa in mind with that! he is having a dinosaur themed party, so i'll be sure to take a TON of pictures!

the tongue is made of felt. i should have doubled it and then stitched around the whole thing in order to make sure it would last. i'm sure it's going to be ripped off within seconds. oh well.

and our second fun thing planned this weekend is a brownie sundae party that we are having. we have invited a few families (11) over from our ward. most of them are new within the past few months so we thought instead of having them over individually for dinner, it would be easier to get it all out of the way with one get together. this obviously means i don't have to clean the house as many times AND dessert is a lot cheaper than dinner too! it should be a lot of fun, probably crazy with all of the little ones running around, but fun none the less. i made some pretty cute invitations for it, which is my favorite part of hosting a party as you all know. i'll make sure to let you know how it goes.

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Kersey and Preston said...

that is AWESOME lease!! You should put it on etsy..well not THAT one, but you know. You are too talented not to expose yourself..your talents I mean. Brooke is doing pretty well on etsy. She has sold a few things which makes me more excited than her I think! I can't wait to see you again lease. It's been too long already.