Thursday, July 2

birthday bash

ok. for some ridiculous reason, i have not been able to rearrange these pictures so that they are in any sort of logical order. this happens occasionally. i dont know why my computer has an attitude problem!
well this past weekend we celebrated my mom's birthday (saturday) and chris' birthday (monday). it was a wonderful weekend. it started out with a surprise visit from my mom's brother and his wife. we havent seen them in...maybe 6 years...i think. my mom loved having them, as did jack. my aunt mary ann was very playful with jack, he just adored her.

jack has started taking lots and lots of pictures. he LOVES to take pictures. most of them are close ups of silly things like outlets, or the tv. but the first three pictures of this post were taken by the little photographer. maybe someday he will be as good as his aunt rik.

for my mom's birthday dinner, we all went to outback. surprise surprise. my kids are NOT very good at restaraunts. ok, who am i kidding, THEY ARE NIGHTMARES! well, this outing was NO exception. they were screaming, throwing food, ellie spilled a FULL glass of ice water right on my lap. i was soaked through, front and back. when we left (which, by the way, we had to have our food boxed up and leave while everyone else was still eating) i literally sloshed out of the restaraunt. it was a party i will never forget.

ok. here are a couple shots of my mom's present. i wrapped it in white paper and then let jack draw on it and put...well, whatever he felt like on it. there are a ton of robots, a few guitars, some fish and butterflies and TONS of rhinestones! he had sooo much fun decorating it and i had a lot of fun watching him! i thought it turned out pretty cute.

admiring his work
next up, chris man! chris turned 29 this year. all he wanted was an iphone (go figure...hes such a techno gadget geek) and to go fishing. so that didnt leave me too many options in the gift area, but we made it work. he went fishing with my dad in the morning and so my mom and i put up this sign in their living room. sorry the pics are not very clear.
it says:
happy birthday (picture of chris)
its that time of year
to make a wish,
maybe an (pic of an iphone) and gear
or perhaps a big (pic of fish)
cheesy cheesy cheesy, i know. but i had to do SOMething! that afternoon we went and got his phone and had lunch together with out the little villains.
sorry this is waaaay longer than i wanted it to be.
then we had presents and cake and ice cream. actually, it was just the left over cake from my moms party. we just turned it for the pictures so it looked like a whole cake :)
then after that we all went swimming in the pool at about 9pm. that was the best part of the weekend. we had a blast!

these were taken with THE new iphone
delayna got him a root beer party keg! isnt that awesome! we are waiting till the fourth to bust open that puppy!
i made him an "isock" for his new phone. its not very cool, so i didnt take any pictures of it. its made from the same material as rikki's birthday apron and lined with turquoise felt.
speaking of birthday aprons, here is a picture of my mom's. it has two big pockets on the front and back so she can put all her crap in it while helping at missionary luncheons. the green material has white polka dots and the blue has white scissors all over it. if you know my mom, you know she ALWAYS has a pair of scissors with her!

i never posted pics of rikki's apron, so here you go! i think this was my favorite so far...sorry everybody else!

we have some fun plans for this holiday weekend... i hope you all do too! dont get too close to those bottle rockets and fire crackers!


Larissa said...

I'm pretty impressed with Jack's photo abilities, it's in his genes.
The i-sock you made was ingenious, you could sell them on etsy!

Rikki Browne said...

Yeah, I'd have to agree with you...mine's my favorite too!!! : ) Thanks again Lis. I love you!