Thursday, July 16

year book awards

yesterday we finger painted and here are the results!!! (cheers in the background)
Most messy
ellie bellie won this with flying colors...literally
Most likely to Succeed
i think ev looks like he could walk straight into an office, sit down to his computer, and start barking out orders, dont you? or maybe just his highchair...for now
Most Artistic
jenna was the only one who understood the concept of painting
Cutest Couple
Best Dressed
seeing as she was one of two that were dressed, this wasn't a difficult choice
Class Clown

wait, what the?! how did this get here! oh well! this just happens to be my all time favorite picture of my sweet little sister alli. hahaha, it is hilarious!!!


Larissa said...

Great idea! Love little Alli's sweatband :)

Becky Bean said...

Flying colors...literally. Haha! You crack me up!

Thompson Family said...

I'm sure your sister will love you and payback is coming (get ready). Maybe not (hehe) She was a cutie!

Larissa said...

They've all got style! But only the girl with that head band has class.


Katie said...

Love it!! We sure have cute kids, don't we!