Friday, July 10

bloom bloom POW!

this beautiful bird of paradise bloomed within one hour this morning. we have been waiting for our first bloom all summer, so we were pretty excited about it! i LOVE living in florida!

our day consisted of splash parks, naps, and eating breakfast for dinner...this is the life! we went with everett, jenna, and dani. jenna and dani belong to our dear friend katie smith from our ward. jenna and jack will have to meet up again in twenty years. he would have some awesome in-laws!

last night i couldn't sleep. i had "the itch" to make something. so i decided to make an apron for the greatest niece in the entire world! kayla, this one's for you!!!! and it will be in the mail tomorrow...i hope you will be able to use this while spending time in the kitchen with your mama!


lisa said...

o h yeah, i forgot to mention... jack's favorite song right now is boom boom pow, hence the title of this post. when it comes on the radio he shouts "its my song its my song!"

Kayla said...

holy cow lisa!!!! thank you sooo much!! you are a great aunt!!

Thompson Family said...

when I can't sleep I just lay there! :)

Carrie said... never cease to amaze me! You're so talented!