Monday, August 9

baby #3 and a getaway!

it's official, the girls are outnumbered in the brower household. because this blog is family friendly, i have spared you from the "crotch shots" proving that we are having a little man-cub. ( can you tell we have watched the jungle book recently? somehow all little boys have become man cubs to me. but dont worry, the name "mowgli" is not in the running for a name :)
speaking of names, jack immediately said his name should be hunter, then dayton, then nathan, then etc etc. these are all names of his cousins. i thought that was really cute. then when we told him to be thinking of something different than someone he is related to he responded "oooh, i know, how about daddy". yes, daddy would be a different name indeed!

other exciting adventures include a SURPRISE GETAWAY! chris arranged to have the little people stay with grandma and bo & larissa for a night so that we could stay at the Hyatt Coconut just down the road. it was a dream! this has been the best birthday ever! i am starting to feel quite spoiled!!
i had been having one of "those weeks" with the kids. you know, the weeks where if i was offered to have every hair on my head burned off or spend another ten minutes with the kids, i would light my hair on fire myself... yeah, one of those. so this overnight trip was greatly needed and even more appreciated!

ever since it was built, i have had the dream to stay at this hotel because, well, i could see it at the end of our road since i was in 8th grade. and believe me, it was everything i imagined and more!

we went swimming in one of their 3 pools on friday afternoon. when we were done, we hopped out and went straight to the fire pit to roast marshmallows and make smores. after that, chris had arranged a firework show for me! ok, we just happened to be staying on a night that they were having an amazing fireworks display directly over the pools. it was incredible. and because it is just down the road bo, larissa, everett, grandma, jack and ellie were all able to watch the fireworks too!

this is the only picture we got together. dont mind the terrible wet spots in unflattering areas. a drunk man took it for us. he told us it was going to be a great shot because he got the whole fire in the picture... i guess he had a few too many drinks...

then we split a burger at one of the many restaurants and went back to the room to watch ironman, which i had never seen. the beds are like huge pillows sent from heaven at the hyatt! i hope to someday have a bed like that at my house!
then saturday we ate at the "lavish breakfast buffet" and totally stuffed ourselves. let me tell you, its not fun to be pregnant, eat at a breakfast buffet and then change into your bathing suit. somethings just arent right. but we had fun swimming for a little while on saturday morning before picking up the kids and going to grandma's house to swim of all things!

thank you chris for a special getaway for the two of us. you are my amazing buddy.
and of course, THANKS to mom and larissa for making this a possibility... i owe you guys!


Kayla said...

congrats! i am still laughing about the drunk guy and the picture, even though it's not that funny! happy belated birthday lisa!

Steve and Donna said...

wow- such great news- seems you and Bo are keeping the Browne family supplied with grandkids ;)
your get away was neat- don't you love surprises like that?

Fenus family said...

I am so excited for always I was wrong which doesn't surprise me at all. I love that there will be another boy coming into this crazy group of girls. Congratulations and I am so jealous of your over night get-a-way!!!

Dani Dooley said...

Congrats on the new munchkin and the getaway. Happy, happy birthday!

Carrie said...

I'm so glad you had a good time! It looks marvelous! And I, too, giggled out loud a little (I'm at work so I can't actually laugh) when I saw the picture the drunk guy took of you guys! Good times! And congrats on the little "man-cub"!!

Julia and Sterling said...

Yea! Congratulations! That's so exciting I think after number three comes you'll have earned another, longer getaway!

Kiirstin said...

Congrats! Another little one running around! You'll have to let me know how it goes having three kids. I'm not excited to eventually find out myself...but the men always seem to get what THEY want...more kids. don't get me wrong I love kids to death but you know what I'm sayin'.