Thursday, August 19

i can't help it!

a few weeks ago we had the ipod on shuffle and a christmas song came on. i dont even remember which one it was, probably one by bing crosby or nat king cole. but since that song, i can not get the holidays out of my head! i am SO looking forward to the holidays this year. not only for the obvious reason of not being pregnant anymore and having a new little bundle in our home, but because its going to be so much fun with TWO little people who understand whats so exciting and special about that time of year.
the cooler weather and colors, the family being together, the halloween costumes, the sweaters, the spicy smells filling the house, all the yummy foods and baking, and obviously, the music. i already have so many ideas of great little gifts for the kids and keep making mental notes about their individual interests and talents. i cant wait to see little hands covered in flour while baking cookies with jack and ellie and (after eating half of them) delivering them to friends and loved ones.
i love the holidays and am already filled with anticipation! i dont ever remember being this excited, so early in the year. i even ordered a special holiday magazine the other day and cant wait for it to arive. im crazy. but i guess all i can do until then is enjoy the last month or so of summer and spend as much time as possible in the pool, licking popsicles, and grilling!


Steve and Donna said...

funny- the weather was alittle cooler today and I'm thinking- Fall is coming soon. Then tonight at Enrichment someone made pumpkin cookies- go figure!

Carrie said...

It's not too early! Last year I started listening to Christmas music in...I think October? I think you can always be excited about the holidays (even though I loathe the snow)! It's such a fun time, and it's when families are together!

Larissa said...

you are too funny lis! It definitely will be a fantastic holiday season with twice the grandchildren around! hmmmm--- what kind of halloween costumes should we do this year? And I am planning on making jack a robot cake for his b-day if he wants it

Smith Family said...

You live life to the fullest and do the funnest things. Never change!