Sunday, August 29


last monday i got to watch this little guy while we waited for a special delivery. but this little guy doesn't seem so little anymore.
hes had to grow up and now he is the big brother.

is this not the most beautiful little bundle you have ever seen?

she's even perfect when she cries

and these two kids can't get enough of their new cousin-
baby sophie cathleen
larissa invited jack over on tuesday night for a special visit and even let him hold sweet sophie. he told me he wanted to wear his sea monkey pajamas because, "i know baby sophie loves sea monkeys!" he said.
ellie has pretty much stuck to larissa's side and wont let sophie out of her sight. i have been impressed with how gentle they are with her. i think they realize how special she is.
i held her for about a half hour this afternoon while she slept in my arms. once again, i have been struck with awe at the trust our Father in Heaven has in us to care for such amazing creations. and i am grateful for that.
Happy Birthday sweet Sophie!


Steve and Donna said...

very sweet- that baby is adorable!

Carrie said...

I'm so glad you posted pictures of her! She is beautiful!!! Your kids are gonna be so sweet with their new little brother when he comes!

Larissa said...

thanks lisa, your kiddos are definitely going to be ready for their new little brother

Dani Dooley said...

She's so lovely. Tell Larissa & Beau congrats from the Dooleys! We enjoyed having your dad around and hearing first hand about Sophie's arrival.

Rikki Browne said...

I NEED and update!!!

Laine said...

oh! oh! a new baby browne!! she's precious...just like the rest of them.