Tuesday, March 1

earning their keep

it's march 1st
and this is what we are doing RIGHT NOW as i am typing:
is this child labor or are they just earning their keep?
it's definitely the latter.
they are learning important things right?! yes, i think so.
jack is singing a little ditty that he made up as he folds.
"jack is a big kid because he's listening to his mom and thats what a big boy does and im gonna get a penny for my piggy bank"
he's very smart :)

out of all my chores, folding and actually putting away the laundry is my absolute least favorite thing. i despise it. hence, the pile of clothes thats the size of mt everest.
i bet that 96% of the time, we have at least two loads of clean laundry sitting on the guest bed, either waiting to be folded or folded and waiting to be put away. but they never end up getting put in their designated places and we just whittle away at the pile until its all been worn. pretty sad, but true. i would bet money that this could be one of those things that drives chris out of his mind, but he's too nice to me to complain about it. what a great guy he is.

this video is for rikki, as requested.

all right, i better get back to tackling that mountain...


Steve and Donna said...

yes- your baby does look hungry :) and good idea to enlist the kids. At some point it won't work tho'

Carolina said...

I HATE putting away laundry. Ours usually sits in the clean laundry baskets as we whittle away, which is why sophie's clothes are always wrinkled along with everything else. haha. AND I'm pretty sure I heard Charlie say "Hi Rikki!" in there. Such a sweetie.

Smith Family said...

That sounds all too familiar. I'm at the stage now where I try to fold it right out of the dryer into a hamper. But then I empty the hamper and make piles along the wall in our master bedroom and they grow and grow and sometimes make it to the right rooms!

Rikki Browne said...

I cant wait to squeeze him, and love him, and hug him, and kiss him! I showed all the girls his first words "Rikki rocks!"... they all heard it too : )

The Lancaster Crew said...

I'm willing to bet that Chris doesn't even notice...much less care. Aaron is so distracted with school that I could just walk by him naked and he wouldn't even notice. Laundry is my least favorite also...so it's too bad that it's an every-day-thing! By the way, thanks for the salsa, it was delicious....but i don't think Brinly was too happy about it later..lol.