Wednesday, March 23

reed & cathy!

chris' amazing sister cathy, and her hubby reed, came for a visit!
we had a blast!

reed just finished CRNA school (the same thing chris is doing) and he had a conference on marco over the weekend.
we went to the beach, out to eat, looked at the gargantuan houses on gordon dr, went to bennets fresh roast on st. patty's day for donuts and whole bunch of other fun things!

the only thing that would could have made it any better, would have been there awesome kids, kayla, cade, and daniel. but there is always next time!

on a completely different subject, jack fell a couple weeks ago at a baptism and hit his mouth on a chair. he cried and bled all over chris' white dress shirt. that always makes for a little excitement at a baptism! anyways, about a week later we noticed his front tooth turning gray. hopefully it wont have any lasting effects on his permanent tooth!
this isnt the best picture, but you can still see it

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Kayla said...

I wish I could have come to Florida with my parents! A year or two ago, Daniel fell and hit his tooth and it turned gray too. He hasn't lost it yet but I think Doug said it will be fine.