Wednesday, March 9

random & lengthy

i've had a few random thoughts over the past week.
(this post is long because there is a plethora of video clips that you are welcome to skip)

first of all, whoever said the twos were terrible, never had a three year old!
most days, it seems our sweet ellie has been replaced with a feisty, screaming banshee. both kids started their terrible twos early, around 18 months, and the only thing i could do to get through the day was to tell myself, "self, dont worry, if they started this early, they should finish this phase early too". welp, ellie sure has proved that theory wrong! hopefully this will be short-lived. although i do have to give her some praise- she is very gentle and sweet to her 'lil charles'.

second, never try to make something that your husband is a lot better at, just to be helpful, because odds are good you'll both be disappointed. chris is the salsa maker. its that simple. and i have learned (about a gallon of not-so-tasty salsa later) that i am not.

also, out of all of the kids shows on pbs, sesame street is still my favorite. they try to make it entertaining for parents as well as educational for kids. thank you sesame street! here is one of our favorite clips that makes us laugh each time we see it. it was on this morning and reminded me why i like sesame street. i mean, if you have to watch or hear it in the background, this isnt too bad!

and lastly, i am so ready for summer. i cant wait to be living everyday in a swimsuit again. its much more fun for the kids. although im not sure how its going to work while nursing a baby. my suit isnt very conducive to that sort of thing. maybe i'll just have to keep my eyes peeled for a new, more conducive suit :)
(and for those that care, that means that i DID reach my goal of nursing charlie for two months. yipee! and i am going to continue until i dont feel like it anymore and NOT feel guilty when i want to quit. i know it was a short-term goal and very simple for some, but it was a really difficult one for me. it sure feels good to reach a goal like that every once in a while!)

here are a couple videos of the little people from this morning:

sometimes these two are so funny. they didnt know i was recording them while they were watching their shadows.


Kandie and Steve said...

That pic of the kids shadow is so cute. I just loved it!! It reminded me of something me and my older brother would of done. We were great friends.

I would have to agree, with the terrible 3's. We suffer from that at our house too. I have no advice but try not to beat them. :)

Charlie's smile and coos are adorable!!

Steve and Donna said...

didn't you know it's the terrible twos and the trying threes?

Amy said...

I heard that sesame street song playing in the background yesterday as I was trying to throw everyone in the car to run Lauren some clothes at school because she fell in a puddle and was soaked.