Friday, May 8

a few shenanigans

jack participated in his first pinewood derby race back in march. he and chris worked hard on building his car for a few months prior. they studied all the secrets that youtube had to offer. and you know what? it paid off! jack not only won out of the wolf pack, but the whole troop! 
he was supposed to go to district, but decided at the last minute to play in his soccer game instead. we let him make the decision and he said he felt like he'd let his team down if he didn't go to the game.

jack did  most of the work on his car including the design, sanding, and painting. he called it The Zombie. you can't kill a zombie.

jack's cheerleaders:

we had a great easter!

we've been busy with spring soccer (when it hasn't been rained out) and jack is also taking golf lessons too. charlie is understanding the rules of soccer a little better this season and usually makes a few goals each game.

and this little guy is usually happy just being outside while the others are at practice and games.

charlie recently took a spill down the driveway. for the next week, people thought he had chocolate and/or boogers on his face. which he probably did have those things along with the scabs.

owen is such a great little porkchop. we love him so very much. he turned 6 months yesterday and had a check up. he weighs 19 lbs and is 28 in, thats about the 74% for both, which is smaller than our other kids were at this point.

he is getting better with his spit-ups, but it still happens. just ask jack...

he started rolling over really well last week.

 this job in arkansas has been so good for us. we are seeing progress in paying off our student loans and its awesome! although most of the time it feels like chris works a ton, he actually does get breaks every now and again. last week he worked a pretty long call shift and had post call off, which doesn't always happen. he took me and the little boys out for some vietnamese. chris loves pho, i love rice, and charlie loves noodles. it was a win-win-win kind of lunch!

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Rikki Browne said...

Way to go, Jack! Poor Charlie :( And Owen is growing too fast. I want to kiss them all!