Tuesday, May 12

things i want to remember

owen is a special boy.
he's six months now and that kind of boggles my mind. how? how is he already six months? I'm embarrassed to admit that i don't remember many of the details about jack or ellie when they were at this stage. that makes me sad. i know we had all those special little details with them. i remember a few about charlie. i think one of the reasons why i don't really remember too much is because at the time i thought i'd be having more babies and i'd be able to relive those moments again and again with each new addition. but this might be the last time we have a little one, we don't know. besides the fact that I'm experienced enough to know that each baby has their own special habits and details. 
i don't ever want to forget how owen concentrates so hard to get his hand up to my hair and gently twirls it between his sticky, chubby little fingers while he's sleepily breastfeeding. i don't want to forget how sweet his breath smells while he runs his hands over my face and bites my nose. or how his little body tenses up in anticipation for tickles when i say "i'm gonna get you!". i don't want to forget how he always scoots his head into the corner of his bed before falling asleep. 

or how smooth his plump little feet are from heel to toe. i don't want to forget how his eyes light up and smile when he sees jack or ellie or charlie and especially me or papa. or how squishy those cheeks are when we kiss them over and over and over. and that head. he has the softest, smoothest, warmest head. or how he stops whatever he's doing when i say "you are... so cute" to smile directly at me. i don't want to forget how surprised he is when he splashes his face while slamming his strong little arms down in the water thats pooled by his side during bath time. or his grunts of frustration when he rolls over onto his belly. he doesn't like to be on his belly. or how his tongue curls on the sides when sticks it out because he's slightly tongue tied. i don't want to forget how warm and soft his tender skin is under his neck or how much he tries to fight the urge to laugh when i nuzzle right under his chin with my nose and lips. or how ticklish his armpits and back are when you barely touch his skin. 

i don't want to forget how much he loves to jump in his jumper and how strong and muscular his calves are because of it. or how every once in a while while eating, he'll look up at me with his smiley eyes and we will both start giggling. it takes a moment for him to start eating again, but as soon as he does it happens all over again. or how hard it is to get him to laugh out loud if he doesn't want to. i don't want to forget that during the quiet moments, my heart almost hurts because it's filled to bursting with love for him. and i really don't want to forget how happy he makes our family. i've never seen so much love for a sibling before. every milestone is so much more monumental when you have an 8 year old, 7 year old, and 4 year old cheering him on. i hope i remember these little details forever.

owen had his first real food last night, besides a little rice cereal. jack got to feed him his first bite as a reward for doing the dinner dishes and ellie got to pick out his first real food: pears.


tonyanddelayna said...

Thank you for sharing all those sweet moments and memories with us! It brought tears to my eyes. You're such a great mommy!!!

carrie said...

So so sweet Lisa! And I think no matter what you put in that boys' mouth he would've choked it down and smiled with those cheerleaders he has! He just looked like he loves you all so much! So sweet!

Larissa said...

oh man, that is one special little guy! his fan club is worldwide because I think just about every cousin is in love with Owen and can't wait to snuggle him!