Friday, May 8

may holidays

the first week in may has some pretty sweet holidays.

first up:
the kentucky derby!
which technically isn't a holiday, but its a reason to celebrate nonetheless!

we each picked out the horse we wanted to win and placed our bets on a candy bar. we grilled burgers and then chris made some virgin mint juleps to drink during the race that were so so so tasty. we've never had the real deal so we have no clue how they compare, but these were delicious. in the end, mama won the candy bar because my horse came in 2nd, jacks 3rd, and ellis's 4th.... not too shabby for not having a clue about horse racing.

next up:
may the 4th be with you!

the kids have really been loving star wars. we started watching them a few weeks ago and this holiday conveniently fit right in! the kids wore star wars shirts to school, then we had chocolate cake that looked like chewbacca (its a stretch, i know) for an fhe treat, followed by a viewing of episode 1. such a fun night!

and lastly:
cinco de mayo!

this may give thanksgiving a run for its money as the tastiest holiday of the year. we grilled yummy meats and cooked up tortillas, all while dancing to mariachi music and wearing mustaches.

that night we went and watched chris play softball. he's on the ward softball team. they play against other church teams from the area... mostly baptist teams. chris hasn't played since our rexburg days, but that doesn't slow him down a bit. he hit a homerun during the first game!


Carolina said...

Loving all of these posts! I was reading one and up pooped another! You are so dang creative. What an awesome mom! I love keeping up with all of your munchkins. 😀

Rikki Browne said...

I wish mariachi (and mustaches for that matter) were a once a year thing for me 😜