Friday, January 6

a golf excursion

chris and bart were able to go on a golf getaway in wisconsin for a few days! i wish chris had some time to pick the pictures he would like to post and jot down some of his memories from the trip. but if i wait for that day to come, it'll never happen! so i'll just pic some random pictures and hope it does the trip some justice, even though i know it won't. chris had the best time with his dad. I'm so glad they were able to take the time to do this together.

cheese heads greeted the guys at the milwaukee airport and chris must've thought he'd died and gone to heaven. he's one of the biggest cheese heads of all.

 i won't pretend like i know anything about golf or the courses they played. but i do know that they played a couple rounds at Whistling Straights and Blackwolf Run, plus a couple others that i don't remember. chris had been dreaming of these courses for years.

it probably goes without saying that delicious food was consumed daily.

ahem, deep fried cheese curds anyone?

they stayed at a nice hotel owned by kohler, which meant that the showers were pretty amazing!

one evening after a long day of golf, they had a knock on the hotel room door. there was a cooler with a few beers waiting for them from the front desk. chris took it down stairs and said thanks, but no thanks because they don't drink alcohol. next thing they knew, these were sitting outside their room. their favorites.

they were spoiled with caddies (spell check?)

a trip to wisconsin would not be complete without checking out the holy grail of football: Lambeau Field

chris has been a green bay packers fan for as long as he can remember and now the whole family is too. he idolizes brett favre. 
side note: chris has had a few people tell him he looks like favre. I'm sure deep down he feels like he just scored a touchdown on national tv each time it happens.

they were even able to catch a glimpse of the team at practice from a distance

after their tour of the stadium, they went to the diner across the street fora famous butter burger.

dreams really do come true!
we sure missed our papa while he was away, but the packers souvenirs helped ease the blow a bit :)

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