Friday, January 6

the best afternoon ever

one of our favorite things to do in the entire world is spend time with grandpa on the boat. all of us. we love it. 
one day while owen was napping, grandpa took us to new pass for a bit of fishing. he knew the wind and the tide were moving too fast to catch much of anything, and he knew taking a 9 year old, an 8 year old, and a 5 year old fishing wasn't easy, but he did it anyway. 

while making sand castles with ellie, i watched as grandpa helped jack get his line baited. i thought to myself, "i wonder if these kids realize how much their grandpa loves them. i wonder if they know he's pretty much capable of accomplishing anything he sets his mind to, which is more than the average person. i wonder if they know he'd do anything in the world for them. i wonder if they know all the amazing things he's done in his life time. i wonder if they realize that their grandpa is what most men in this life strive to be, and usually fall short of." 

and then i realized, they do. they know. they know how lucky they are to have him. 
and i do too.


Rikki Browne said...

Man, those kids are lucky! :)

Larissa said...

Jack is in heaven fishing with grandpa! You guys sure made some impressive drip castles, I guess it takes a native :)