Friday, January 6

24 hours in utah

our last 24 hours out west was spent in utah. we drove around provo, reminiscing about days gone by, showed jack where his first apartment was, and checked out the new provo city center temple. it is stunning. 

we met up with my oldest, dearest friend kersey and her family for lunch. it was so, so good to see her, preston, elliott, and brand new baby pepper! they were literally in the middle of moving into their new house that day, so we spent a little bit of time with elliott while kersey and preston worked on getting their moving truck. our visit was short, but it was good. 

after we hung out with the campbells, we met up with ali, desi and cousins for dinner at our all time favorite restaurant, Bombay House. owen was being such a hellion that he and i didn't even get to sit down to eat. i took him out to the car and he literally screamed the entire time. not sure what was bothering him, but after we shoved some motrin down his throat he seemed to relax and calm down a bit. so we went to try out the famous sweet tooth fairy and took our cupcakes across the street and ate them at the temple. it was glorious! 

the next morning we walked around BYU campus, bought a ton of BYU gear, ate at Jdawgs, and then went to salt lake before flying home.

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Larissa said...

Jdawgs, oh man, I bet that made the crazy 24 hours worth it! Okay, seeing temple square with your family is a close second. Poor little Owen, he has had such a rough time with those little ears!