Wednesday, November 30

gorgeous Jackson Hole

chris and i took this picture the day after our wedding on our honeymoon.

here we are, 12 years later.
life is good.

it was fun visiting one of our favorite places with the kids, grandma, grandpa, marc, and cory.

we took the aerial tram in Teton Village. it has an elevation rise of over 4000 ft!

these smiles kill me.

on top of the world! 

the skies were crystal clear all day except for the 30 minutes we were up the mountain. it was so, so, SO cold and windy at the top. seriously cold.
good thing they have a little waffle restaurant! we grabbed three waffles and 5 hot cocoas to share.

king of faces.

here is a view of Corbet's Couloir.
chris went skiing here in high school. he stood on the edge of Corbet's with his buddies and tried to work up the courage to ski the infamous chute. he didn't do it.

after our tram ride we went into town for some lunch and a few pictures.
chris really wanted to take one of those old western photos as a family. i did not. he convinced me to do one on our honeymoon and it was so uncomfortable and so overpriced. the picture is hanging in our closet so no one can see it! well, chris wanted the tradition to continue and the kids were really excited about it. but when we went to get it taken, we found out it was going to be over $100 for our family of 6 to get one picture. i lucked out :)

we stopped to watch some white water kayakers and surfers on our way home

and grandpa treated us all to a scoop of square ice cream. yes, square! it pretty much blew our minds.

some day chris and i hope to go back to jackson hole for our anniversary and stay at the teton mountain lodge again. its a magical place.

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Rikki Browne said...

yay! The blog is back! The kids aren't the only ones that enjoy looking at your posts. There are some aunties out there that really appreciate it too :) Thanks for taking the time, Lis!