Tuesday, November 29

how do we love thee, idaho? let us count the ways!

we went to idaho the last week of june and the first week of july. 
we flew out of oklahoma city at 5:30 am, yikes.

it was such a blessing that we were able to get owen's tubes in before the flight. he was a trooper.

besides a couple days spent traveling to nearby jackson hole, island park, and yellowstone, we spent most of our days hanging out with the people we love most!

chris had a birthday and it was awesome to be there with all of his siblings and parents. 

we spent an afternoon at the park, where we had lunch, played games, and went ice blocking.

i love this picture of aunt cathy helping charlie with his ice block!!! she helped him over and over again.

of course we had to swing by a few of our favorite places to eat like cafe rio, an amazing new indian restaurant in town on chris's birthday, and snake bite for our most favorite burgers in the universe.

because this was the first time that all the siblings were together in 11 years (i think it was 11), we had some family pictures taken. only a few of the cousins were missing.

rexburg was a must see while in idaho!
we stopped by our sweet friend berniece's home but she wasn't there. after talking with her neighbor we found out that she had moved into a new nursing home in town. we went there and chris ran in with a couple of the kids while i stayed in the car with a napping owen. she didn't really remember chris and seems to be quite confused and very obviously frustrated that she is that way. it was sad for chris to see her like that. she had been such a dear friend and example in our lives through the years.

we made a stop at mill hollow for lunch and then grabbed some chocolate covered cinnamon bears at porters before looking around campus. boy has it grown.

delauana celebrated a birthday and all the adults went out to dinner. it was SO nice to visit with everyone without owen there to throw tantrums and distract us. thanks to cousin nathan for babysitting our kids!

the fourth of july is one of the best holidays of the year! it was amazing being with everyone for this special day. we started out with a huge breakfast at cory and elena's house, followed by paracord bracelet making, kayaking at reed's farm in Bone, a huge dinner of smoked ribs, which were cooked by chris and all his brothers, and then of course fireworks!

cousins playing tag

uncle desi sure won owen's heart during this visit. it probably had to do with all the strawberries desi would pick from the garden to give to him :)

this trip to idaho was so, so good! we needed a great visit with our family, they make our hearts happy! we are counting down the months till the brower reunion next june in branson!!!

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Larissa said...

Ice blocking?! Do they only do that in Idaho? I feel like no one else has heard of it. And cheeto head game, ha ha! All those nieces and nephews together looks like a blast! a loud, crazy, goofy blast!