Monday, November 28

cousins in arkansas!

in june we had a visit from bo, larissa, ev, soph, and ash and it was so wonderful! they were on their way out to idaho but made a stop to see us for a couple days over father's day weekend. it was pretty warm while they were here, but the didn't keep us from having a great time. 

we went hiking 
(although it was more of a walk since we were both pregnant at the time)

we made a slip n slide

the boys went bass fishing

we had ice cream!

i love this pic because ashton kept asking uncle chris to read him "press here" and they'd both get so into it!

we had a tea party

and dance parties

and caught fire flies late into the evening

not pictured, but worth remembering was the piƱata that we had for chris and bo to bust open on father's day (which was torture for the kids haha!) and the two fingers i almost sliced off while chatting with larissa and bo. i learned not to talk and dice onions simultaneously.... multitasking isn't really my thing i guess!

so thankful they were able to visit us, and even more thankful we were going to see them again a few weeks later. it was the perfect way to jump start our summer!

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Larissa said...

It was a wonderful HOT trip! We're so glad we got to party with you for the weekend and loved all the extra stuff you did to make it special. You are truly the hostess with the mostess!