Tuesday, November 29

Island Park & the Lewis and Clark Caves

while we were in idaho we took a quick overnight trip up to grandpa and grandma's cabin in Island Park. of course we made a quick stop at Big Springs to stretch our legs and look for trout. 

that afternoon, grandpa and grandma watched owen and cousin mason so that the rest of us could drive up to the Lewis and Clark Caverns in Montana. they were absolutely incredible! i remember visiting carlsbad caverns on a family trip when i was a teenager. we had such a memorable time! i think back on those trips so much now as an adult and I'm so thankful my parents took us on such amazing adventures. I'm so glad i was able to experience something so fun and remarkable with my own kids. and the fact that they got to do it with their cousins and aunts and uncles made it so much cooler!

5 out of the 8 brower siblings went to the caves. Jenny, Marc, Cathy, Chris, and Amy.

it was a pretty good climb up to the cave entrance, but the view was totally worth it!

our guide told us before going in that their bat colony just had babies so we weren't allowed to talk at the mouth of the cave. charlie really felt the importance of that and made sure to tell us repeatedly to be quiet.

the caverns were pretty tight in some places. we even had to slide down the rock at one point. it had been slid on so many times that it is now very smooth and even has a slight ridge from people's bum cracks.... kinda cool, kinda gross :)

while in the caves jack had a minor panic attack. turns out he is a little claustrophobic, even though he denies it now.
here's the whole gang once we made it out of the caves.

and here's marc, just hanging out with a bear.

when we got back to the cabin we roasted hot dogs and smores and of course played a whole bunch with the cousins!

the next morning we woke up early and went to yellowstone while the rest of the group stayed behind and went kayaking. on the way home, we had to make a stop in Ashton, ID to get some tater tots at the Frostop Mug, per larissa's wisdom and expertise. they were so yummy, but the huckleberry milkshake definitely won my vote as the tastiest treat for the trip.

we saw this gorgeous field in ashton and thought it's no wonder bo and larissa love this place!

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Larissa said...

How have I never heard of those caves?! They look like an amazing time, your kids are brave to go in them! Glad Owen got to stay behind with grandma, I bet everyone including him had a great time. It's so hard when they are in the stroller stage, but you guys are so great at traveling and in no time he'll be keeping up and staying with you like the rest of your great bunch!