Monday, November 28

ear infections no more!

owen had so many ear infections that they basically never really went away. it seemed like he always had one. so on june 21st he went in to get tubes. we went to daddy's hospital and it was a family affair. jack, ellie and charlie all cried the day before because, despite all of our tries to convince them owen would be totally fine, they were so worried about their baby! 
chris was working that day, but his coworkers let him hangout with us pre and post op, which was awesome... the kids were very spoiled by the staff!

we kept ourselves entertained the best way we know how: being silly!

when they gave him some meds to help him relax, we all laughed so hard! he's never been so relaxed and chill before. it was a new experience for us all.

chris was able to take owen back to the OR and wait until he was asleep. the team took such great care of him.

waking up was awful! he screamed and pushed and kicked and hit and did everything he could to let us know he wasn't happy. but he eventually snapped out of it and was back to his normal, busy, wild self!

this same week charlie, ellie, and jack all participated in tennis camp. it was charlie's first year and he looooooved it!

jack even won camper of the day!

ellie also cut her thumb pretty bad this week. she was in the shower and sliced it on chris' razor because she was being silly. she learned her lesson. chris took her in but the cut was too wide and not quite deep enough to need stitches. so we had to keep it bandaged and clean for a few weeks while it healed.

how cute is she?! even with her hand bandaged she is still the prettiest girl in the world!


Carolina said...

Poor little babe! It will be such a huge relief to you and Owen to have those in! Liam's tubes were a huge blessing. I'm sure Owen will be feeling much better without all of that icky pressure.

PS- Ellie. Whoa! Super gorgeous girlie 😀

Larissa said...

Geez! You guys have way too many finger injuries in your family! I'm sending gloves for Christmas ;) (remember Chris got cut too this summer, was it at Gma's?) The kids are going to love these videos, thanks!