Friday, February 24

ellie turned 9!

ellie turned 9!
the 11th proved to be a pretty busy/crazy saturday, but we tried to make it special for our ellie bean. since she didn't have school, she wanted to go out for donuts in the morning before we went Scouting For Food (while dad and owen were at the dentist).  then she opened gifts and had a basketball game. that evening, daddy took her out for dinner to Taliano's for some alfredo (her fave) and then came home for cake and ice cream!

grandma and grandpa sent ellie a new angel for her collection she started last year. she LOVES it!!!

she also got a couple new dresses, some calico critters families, and some art supplies.

her requests were very simple this year. she wanted birds to fly above the kitchen table and a "vanilla" cake with yellow frosting. done and done!

lucky girl got a piece of chocolate cake at dinner right before she came home and had another piece of cake with the family!

we love our ellie so much. she's got to be tough in a house full of boys, but she doesn't seem to have any troubles with it. she's strong and smart and super silly, not to mention a beautiful girl. we love her so much.

happy birthday baby girl!!!

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Rikki Browne said...

Ha, that look on her face when you said "I hope you made a wish" was pretty funny! Yay!! Happiest Birthday to the cutest little lady Brower ever!!