Thursday, February 23

harry potter week at the library

the week of february 6th was harry potter week at our public library! we went on two different days with the Peczuh family to be sorted into houses, make potions, and take the O.W.L.S. the kids had such a great time!

ellie even made it in the local paper (along with the back of charlie's head!)

ellie's response to being sorted into hufflepuff was pretty funny! later she said "i should be in Slytherin house before Hufflepuff!"
jack knew he was in gryffindor and charlie seemed quite pleased with being a ravenclaw.

while the big kids did the activities, owen ran around causing mayhem and havoc all over the library.

this picture of charlie made us laugh cause he's totally cheating off emeline's paper

this has nothing to do with harry potter or the library but it does have to do with reading so i thought i'd throw it in this post for the heck of it.
on the 10th chris and i went to jack's 4th grade class as a "mystery reader". the teacher reads 5 clues about the person and the kids try to guess who it is before they get there and read a book to the class. i guess my clues were pretty good because jack was totally surprised. it was pretty fun! i read "how i became a pirate" which is one of our kids favorites.

and just because it made us laugh so hard in the front office, i need to include this picture of chris. he conveniently placed his name tag on his shirt to cover up part of Jackson Hole so it said Jacks Hole instead. don't worry, he moved it before we went into jack's class.


Carolina said...

I want to go to Harry Potter week at your library. What an amazing idea!!!

Rikki Browne said...

Since these little ones are off to Hogwarts I guess that makes me aunt Marge! A role I will try to live up to :)