Thursday, February 23

(unwanted) visit from the tooth fairy

on friday the 10th owen had an accident. he was riding on his ride-on rocket toy in the driveway with the big kids and flipped over the front. his face broke the fall and the fall broke his front two teeth. 

he was upset for about 10 minutes or so but then asked for some chicken (what we were making for dinner while his fall took place). so after a bath he ate some dinner and we texted the above photo to the dentist.  by this point owen was totally calm and ok.

the dentist said to come in first thing the next day (saturday the 11th, ellie's birthday) and he would put him to sleep to take some X-rays and find out what needed to be done.

while i took the older three to pick up canned food for our cub scouts Scouting For Food service project, chris took owen to the dentist.

here he is at the dentist with some meds to help him relax.

both front teeth were loose, chipped and his left one was cracked all the way up to the root with nerves exposed. so, it had to go :(

this kid HATES waking up after anesthesia and becomes very violent and angry. its rough. but a juice box seemed to help for a moment or two in the car.

they were able to file down the right tooth so you can't see the chip anymore, but its a little loose. the dentist said we may end up needing it pulled at some point as well.

as ellie said "well, he IS from arkansas, at least now he looks like it". 
poor kid. it's going to be at least 5 years before that tooth grows in.

he seems to be entering that "I'm not a baby anymore" stage even though he's still a baby.

 i took this the other day on a little hike we went on because the weather has been so nice and the boys were being super sweet (for the moment). we all love our fiesty little owen!


Carolina said...

Aaaaack!!! One must be warned before seeing painful pictures!! Poor Owen! That looks like a super owwie!!

Rikki Browne said...

That last picture of the boys makes my heart melt! Love those little fellas!