Sunday, November 22

the BIG two five

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear larissa
happy birthday to you!
(just imagine this being sung in a lounge singer voice)

larissa wanted an italian creme cake. so naturally, thats what she got. it is her birthday after all!
uh oh! anybody want to guess what happened next????

yup. jack blew out half the candles before larissa even inhaled! no candles are safe when jack is near!
ellie's party attire of choice: a colorful fish dress with kelly green rubber boots. thats my girl!

when lari opened up her apron, she put a couple of fingers in each of the pockets (because thats all that could fit) and i said that they aren't practical pockets. my dad quickly pointed out they are just big enough for her pack o' cigarettes.

happiest birthday wishes to you lari!!!!!

what?! i couldn't pass up the opportunity!

besides no one else in the world can look beautiful wearing a nacho libre mask like larissa can!


Thompson Family said...

Just remember families are forever (ha) Cute memories!

Larissa said...

maybe i should wear the nacho mask full time!
verification word: prowb