Sunday, November 22

recent projects

i made a goal this year to make an apron for all of my sisters (born from the same wonderful mommy, and not from the same wonderful mommy...they are all sisters of mine) for their birthday. i did this for two reasons. 1- to practice my sewing skills. 2- because i thought it would be cheaper then purchasing a gift. i quickly learned that the money saving part wasn't going to be the case, but i had fun thinking of a different apron design for each person and testing various techniques. alli and larissa where the last out of the bunch and here are the results!

alli's apron:

larissa's apron:

both of these aprons are much more feminine than previous aprons and i am very pleased with how they turned out. through out this year i learned a lot of things that i should NOT do when sewing, so thank you girls for letting me share my learning process with all of you!!!


Rikki Browne said...

Amazing talent! Yep, that's my sister! I wish it had spread more evenly towards the middle of the kids and not spread to the outter edges! YoU rOcK!

Ver Word: tandevel

Dani Dooley said...

love, love, love those aprons! So super cute! Where'd you get the fabric?