Wednesday, November 11

caught BLUE handed!

the mastermind:
the accomplice:
the aftermath:

this is what happens when you work on a sewing project and you have two small children. i didnt find the marker all over their bedroom walls until after i had put the camera away. but by that time i wasnt in the mood to take pictures :) ellie's hands are still stained, but i suppose i should be grateful her mouth isnt. the bath water looked like i dumped a whole bottle of food coloring in it. this took place in a matter of minutes. the joys!


Carrie said...

Oh Lisa...I'm sure this was NOT very funny for you. And I'm sorry this is what you found while you were busy sewing. BUT...lets look on the bright side...they WERE playing together, right???? And not fighting??? And, I couldn't help but laugh at those pictures. Even though they made a mess, they're still some of the cutest kiddos I've ever seen. That second picture, the one of Ellie looks like she's just laughing, and it makes me laugh. They're cute. Once again, I'm sorry about that. You'll have a good laugh about it someday. :)

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Thompson Family said...

ahh.. creative kids are intelligent! just remember that when you are cleaning up messes. Also I like your new format. :)

Rikki Browne said...

Too Funny!!! You know what I call that??! New wallpaper for my desktop! Thanks for sharing a frustrating situation with us. I'll remember how awesome of a mom you are when I'm trying to wrangle my little ones someday. Love ya Lis!

PS- I couldn't believe my eyes! Today was a good day for posts (I enjoyed it very much)

britt said...

holy cow! I don't know if I could even take a pic of that! Luckily Evie hasn't don't that yet! cute though! Especially in 10 years!

Larissa said...

your kids are mini picassos, they were just accenting their yellow walls with the perfect complement of blue. they get it from you.

Smith Family said...

Hey a picture says a thousand words! Memories for a lifetime and you have a sewing project out of the whole experience as well. Accomplishments all the way around! Obviously it wasn't crayola washable markers. Sounds like the artwork stayed on the wall, on hands and on faces but stayed off the floor. There is something to be thankful for!