Monday, November 2

its gettin hot in here...

so take off all your....just kidding! ok so first of all, our ac was broken today and it was 89 degrees and muggy in our little abode! i had to wake the kids up from their naps because they were both sleeping in a puddle of sweat, and im not exaggerating....very much :) but luckily chris was able to figure out what was wrong and it is now a cool 75 and i am appreciating it very much!
and secondly- can you believe that little "blinkee" on the side of my blog! how ridiculous is that! i have refused to check out all of the cute backgrounds and such for my blog because i tend to find some of them over the top and distracting. but today i saw a cute "blinkee" (not knowing at the time that they are called such a silly thing)( it was a jane austen one, by the way) and thought that i might as well see what was out there. i threw up in my mouth a little when i saw this one and then laughed pretty hard. enjoy it now because it wont be there for long!
i should probably add, if they had harry potter blinkees, they would be all over this place - sad, but true


matchgirl said...

so sorry your AC was out, but so glad you have such a handy husband.

and as for that "blinkee?" Oh. My. HECK! That's disgusting. It's like those license plates that you see that say "Brat" or "Princess." It's like an invitation for me to dislike the owner of the vehicle before I have even met them.

word verification: reabblen

Larissa said...

you probably sweat floo powder.
what were your kiddos sweating when you woke them up from their naps?

lisa said...

if i sweat floo powder, they must sweat poo powder :)

Rikki Browne said...

You guys are silly. I know you loved it and your just a closet glitter sweater. That kinda paints a funny picture : )

verification word: byeleon.... Where did Leon go?!