Monday, April 18

did you know...

... that i have the most amazing family? i dont mean to brag, but i do!
this weekend we received a surprise package from my sister, amy, and her cute family all the way from washington!!! it was such a fun surprise!


the kids fought over who got to open it, so i let them both try. they pulled and shook and eventually resorted to scratching it. they finally gave up and asked me to cut it. it was rather enjoyable to watch.

inside was a beautiful tutu for ellie (who yelled, "oh my goodness!" when she saw it) (who hasnt taken it off for three days now) (who watches herself twirling in the tv), some awesome bubble wands for jack, a new diaper & wipes case for charlie and me, and delicious no-bake cookies!!!


we love and miss you guys!

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Amy said...

Since we aren't close to SHOW our love for you guys we have to BUY it with gifts :) (and no bake cookies from the freezer) We're glad you got the package, and we loved the video...Ellie, you make that skirt look cute!