Friday, April 8

last week

last monday we were able to celebrate sophie beards 2nd birthday!
happy birthday sophie!!!

who loves to party???
we do!

we are blessed to have some pretty amazing friends!
(carolina, i hope you dont mind me 'borrowing' this picture... i love it)

this past weekend we also enjoyed hearing from the prophet and other leaders of the LDS church. we feel so lucky to be able to hear their words and testimonies twice a year.
here is a picture of the kids listening intently. we just could not keep them away from the computer during those 8 hours...
yeah right!
they stayed like this just long enough for a picture and then said, "see ya, suckas!"
jack actually did pretty well this time around. maybe by october he will be able to last for a whole two hour session. but i wont hold my breath :)


Larissa said...

that last picture was worth a good belly laugh-- it was pretty much the same around here. good thing we can "watch" at home

Amy said...

Sounds like you kids did much better than ours at conference. Your's are even dressed with their hair combed...I don't even think I was that put together for conference. I have mine come and listen when Pres. Monson speaks, but that's as far as we get. When we go to stake conference we start out in the noisy children room, the kids run amuck while Tyler and I get some spiritual enlightenment.

Steve and Donna said...

Jack looks so intent on listening- patience......