Wednesday, April 27

easter: 2011 edition

easter is such a wonderful holiday!
here are are this years highlights:

3 happy kiddies
2 egg-cellent egg hunts
1 scrumptious ham (my very first too!)

they loved their chocolate bunny pets found in their baskets after church... but they werent cute enough to resist biting their heads off when given the opportunity

the color difference here makes me laugh

we had a hunt on saturday at church and then one at grandpa and grandmas. the 3 older cousins made out like bunny bandits!

trying bunny tails (aka cotton candy)
we also played the best game in the history of the world, which deserves its own post. (thanks larissa!)

and the night ended with sparklers!

charlie gets abused around here. sometimes its hard being so helpless!

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Steve and Donna said...

wow- that's a new tradition- sparklers for Easter :)