Wednesday, April 20

super swimmers!

you may think that i am obsessed with my children and, well, you'd be right.
i cant help it... when you are surrounded by them every single second of the day, it's hard to have much else going on in your brain.

while swimming this afternoon, rikki took some ah-ma-zing pictures of J, E, and C. since i couldnt decide which ones i liked best i just posted them all :)

these thighs are completely ridiculous and absolutely scrumptious!

needing a little nourishment

these two have pretty much grown gills and fins this past week.
jack is getting really great at swimming. he is now diving to the bottom of the pool (the shallow end) to retrieve toys. he can swim completely submerged and holding his breath.
ellie is getting pretty good too, as of late. she has finally started to let go of the sides and actually swim. with her wings on, she can swim the distance of the pool without stopping or asking for help. she's also fun to watch float on her back. today she even jumped into the pool on her own, without someone there to catch her.

thanks rikki for capturing this fun moment in time for us to have forever and ever. i love them!


Larissa said...

did charlie get cuter over night? I guess so! What great photos! and by the way I LOVE your hair wavy.

Steve and Donna said...

they are cute- I especially like the green on Ellie. The 'in the moment' ones are the best!

Kandie and Steve said...

Ellie eyes were oh so beautifully green next to her fluorescent bathing suit. I too loved your hair, I really like it long. SO FUN!!

Amy said...

Holly cow...Jack looks like a mini Chris in the second to last picture. I love Charlies thighs...Madeline's look like little sausages when they are squeezed into tights on Sunday...I love it!