Thursday, January 12

a great start

there are a few things that i am getting super excited about that will be taking place in the next 6 weeks. some life changing and some just really fun. here they are in order of when they will take place:

for christmas, chris signed me up for a cooking class here:

with this pretty lady:
our class is in a couple weeks and we are SO EXCITED! what great husbands we have and so very sneaky too! i have been looking for cooking classes for years and they are always on a sunday.
until sur la table came to naples. 
i will most certainly be posting about our experience in a couple weeks.

we've never been, but have heard a lot about:

a trader joe's is opening in naples next month!

remember how i said some of the upcoming events were life changing?

martha has teamed up with avery labels and will be selling a line of labels at staples starting in february!
why didn't this happen years ago?
the kraft labels have stolen my heart. 
well, anything with kraft paper will steal my heart these days and combining that cuteness with the power of martha stewart and the awesomeness of avery labels is pretty much mind-blowing for me.

31 days, my friends.
31 days till graduation!!!

and the best part....
we have a job!!!

chris signed on with naples anesthesia and we will be staying here. after a lot of thought and prayers we just knew our time here wasn't through. and we are very excited! now we can start thinking about all of those fun renovations that we wanted to do to the house again. it's going to be great to plan and work side by side again on making this little house into OUR little house!
and with graduation brings our favorite missionaries!!! the kids can not wait to see grandma and grandpa. ellie keeps asking every morning if today is the day we get to see them and gives a said sigh followed by "oh yeah, i meant not for a 5 weeks". and jack keeps asking about their scars on their knees from their knee replacements. he is quite fascinated with the idea of scars. he takes after his dad.


alli is coming home
... for good!
i can not wait to hold that sweet little babe.
jack and ellie have asked me so many times when they get to play with their cousin louie and now they get to! all the time!!!

last, but certainly far from least,
bo and larissa will be welcoming their newest addition next month!

if january and february are this freakin' awesome, i can't wait to see what else 2012 has in store for us!


Kersey Campbell said...

Holy moly! That IS a great start! Congrats to Chris on graduating and the new job! What is bringing Ali and Jacob to FL? You are so lucky to have almost all your siblings AND your parents so close by!

Steve and Donna said...

wow- this is alot to handle but I will try. We are quite happy to have you stay here :)

Carolina said...

Holy cow! So much excitement! You need to tell me details about alli, you didn't mention it on Tuesday. I'm excepted to finally meet her- and she looks just like you!

Melissa said...

Wow! So much exciting news. Have I told you how glad I am that your staying? And not just so you can keep being primary president, but because you are freaking awesome!

Kandie said...

Wowsers!! You are one lucky lady, and you deserve it ALL!! You have one of the most unique and beautiful styles and I love it. I actually want to be just like you, and I am going to miss working with you in Primary and just hanging out. I have high hopes that we'll meet up again someday. So cool about Ali.