Thursday, January 12

then and now

december 2010

 december 2011

after 2 seconds the older kids gave up.
and in more than half the pictures my undies are hanging out. yup. a nice, white triangle for the world to see.
you win some, you lose some

i think this last one would have been my favorite just because we are all relaxed and actually look somewhat natural. thanks jack and ellie.

thanks, rikki, for taking some pictures of our wild clan of nose-diggers and sophisticated adults! i really do love them.


Larissa said...

those turned out great, love the colors! although I would have like to see one with your white triangle:)

Carolina said...

They look so cute!

Carrie said...

Very nice pictures! Good lookin fam!

Melissa said...

Super cute pictures. You have the cutest little family.

Kandie said...

I love the one with all of you looking at Charlie... they are super cute and show so much personality. I like that more then just a nice posed pic. It's crazy to see charlie in the before shot when he was a newborn. Wow he is so big now!!

Smith Family said...

Love 'em! What a great look'in bunch! You are an amazing family and I love hearing all of your adventures and cool things you get out and do/experience!